Meditation According To Your Zodiac Sign

Types of meditation

If you have been seeing angel number 1212 meaning it symbolizes your spiritual growth and awakening, manifestation of your dreams, and awareness of your infinite being. It may be a lot to take in, I know. You can try to meditate in order to align yourself with angel number 1212 meaning. Meditation can help you understand what you need to be focusing on in your life. It can also help remove the burden that has been weighing you down. Keeping your both body and mind calm and relaxed will help you focus.

You can use astrology in choosing what type of meditation might work best for you.

Aries — Compassion Meditation

Increasing compassion will help get rid of frustration and aggression you may impulsively feel. 

Taurus — Change Meditation

If you often struggle with unexpected changes or inconsistencies, change meditation will help look at new situations and experiences positively.

Gemini — Engaging Your Senses Meditation

Slowing down will help you focus on your physical and mental state. This kind of meditation can alleviate sadness and help you be present by settling your nerves.

Leo — Great Compassion Meditation

There can be moments when you are arrogant and irrational. This kind of meditation will help you focus on positivity and the love for others while removing insecurities that bring out your arrogance.

Cancer — Body Scan Meditation

You may be compassionate towards others but negative towards yourself. This meditation will settle any fearful or depressing thoughts and establishes contentment to resolve emotional issues.

Virgo — Joy Meditation

You have the tendency to be too critical to everyone even with yourself. This kind of meditation will instill positive thoughts and feelings to put you in the right state of mind.

Libra — Relax, Grounded and Clear Meditation

You can be gracious and social but deep down you have insecurity just like everyone else. This kind of meditation will help you reduce all the fears and worries.

Scorpio — Gratitude Meditation

Your weakness is distrust and envy towards others.This kind of meditation will help you get rid of any judgement you manage to hurl towards others.

What 3 foods are bad for your gut?

Here are three foods that can increase your risk of colon cancer and that you can avoid when doing a colon cleanse.

  1. Processed and red meats

While that bacon, salami or beef may look appetizing, you may want to take a closer look at how much of it you’re eating.

In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that processed meats (such as hot dogs, bacon, lunch meat and salami) cause cancer. They also said that red meats (such as beef, pork, veal and lamb) likely cause cancer as well.

Researchers found that eating 50 grams of processed meat every day (equivalent to one hot dog or four strips of bacon) may increase your risk of colon cancer by 18 percent.

While the report doesn’t say that you should stop eating these meats altogether, it does urge caution and moderation. 

To reduce your risk of colon cancer, consider swapping red meats for poultry and fish. Poultry and fish is used in most delicious meals so it’s not gonna be that hard avoiding red meat.

  1. White Bread

Just like processed meats, processed grains can also increase your risk of colon cancer. 

Refined grains in white bread and other white flour foods can increase blood sugar levels, which lead to insulin resistance. This can raise your risk of colon cancer—as well as other cancers like kidney cancer. 

Grains are also a leading source of fiber in people’s diets. But because they are so processed, white flour foods do not have as much fiber as whole grain foods. 

Choosing whole grain bread, pasta and oats can increase your fiber intake and reduce your colon cancer risk.

  1. Sugary drinks

Sugary drinks are everywhere. Depending on where you are, it may even be easier to get a soda than a bottle of water. 

While studies have shown the link between sugary drinks and obesity, they may cause cancer as well. 

The sugar in drinks like soda can lead to chronic inflammation andInflammation can lead to many different cancers throughout the body—including colon cancer.

To avoid colon cancer, replace your sugary drinks with water and other low-calorie and low-sugar alternatives.

Can I talk about my patient without saying their name?

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information. This includes any information in transit, in storage, and at rest whether it’s electronic, written, or oral. Medical professionals are bound to abide by the regulations of the HIPAA and they are constantly surrounded by it. Charts are placed on doors, so the names are hidden, instead of names initials are used when referring to patients in clinical conferences, doors are shut while rounding in the hallways and so on. It is an excellent way of protecting patient identification. Good intentions are the main motivation to follow the rules but to also avoid any penalties because a violation will cost at least $25,000 and a maximum of $50,000 or 1 year of imprisonment depending on the severity of the offense.

Physicians are always reminded not to discuss care even without a patient identifier. Because someone may still identify who the patient is by just hearing the information. Being cautious with the information will protect the patient’s privacy and also protect yourself from violating and offense. 

Healthcare professionals need to be careful about how they comment and converse in public settings. This includes unintentional disclosing information on social media.

Many physicians write on the side as an outlet including novels and health blogs. Usually one draws on one’s work life experience to describe characters in a book or relay an interesting tale. However, even without mentioning names one must keep in mind if a patient can identify themselves in what you write about this may be a violation of HIPAA.

Don’t disclose name, weight, height, eye color, any patient information that allows anyone to discern the identity of the patient. If you have to talk about a situation, try to focus on your own observations. This will make you less likely to reveal information about those around in your blog or book. You can also make up patients that never really existed just to be safe. Anyway writing about health shouldn’t be about people it should be about issues.
There are a lot of rules to be followed in HIPAA some involve text messaging and HIPAA compliance when emailing patients.

How can Social Media be used in Business

Social Media is a fairly broad term. In fact, it is an umbrella that consists of many different platforms, applications, websites, businesses, and other things as well. There is also no set definition of Social Media because of its versatility and vast nature. However, the closest definition is that Social Media is the online platform and applications that enable users to create and share content and other related information for the purpose of participating in social networking, etc. Since Social Media has become extremely popular now, and the entire world has started to revolve around it, people and businesses want to grow Instagram and other Social Media accounts to use them for their business goals. 

There are different ways Social Media can be exploited for it to be used in various businesses as well. These ways are described in detail below.

Advertising & Promotion

Now people have stopped relying on traditional means of advertising and promotion. Instead, they have altered their business models to such an extent that they now make most of the online activities as well as Social Media. Currently, such businesses are advertised aggressively online for their target market to see and ultimately generate sales out of it. One of the primary purposes of using the different platforms of Social Media is to increase the visibility of personal as well as business brands. This is important because visibility ultimately increases reach and engagement of content, so more and more people stay in touch and ultimately generate leads.

Develop Relationships

Thousands and perhaps millions of people stay online for many hours throughout the day. Businesses have now started to take advantage of this customer behavior to interact with them and ultimately develop long term relationships with them so they stay loyal to their brand. Social Media is now used for the purpose of developing new relations and also to grow existing relationships so that more sales are generated at the end of the day.

Building Networks

Networking is one of the main aspects of any business. Now with more advance features available on different Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn, businesses have now shifted focus on these platforms to connect with more people who can further help their businesses grow. These networks ultimately come in handy, whether it be in the form of getting new clientele or building personal and professional relationships in general.


Perhaps the main reason why Social Media was created in the first place was to facilitate human interaction on online platforms. Fast forward a few years and this is still the core of the online platforms, however, a lot of things have indeed advanced. Businesses can also now use Social Media to stay in touch with their old and new customers. This has become a great tool to communicate any announcements, opportunities, or achievements to their audience at large.