Meditation According To Your Zodiac Sign

Types of meditation

If you have been seeing angel number 1212 meaning it symbolizes your spiritual growth and awakening, manifestation of your dreams, and awareness of your infinite being. It may be a lot to take in, I know. You can try to meditate in order to align yourself with angel number 1212 meaning. Meditation can help you understand what you need to be focusing on in your life. It can also help remove the burden that has been weighing you down. Keeping your both body and mind calm and relaxed will help you focus.

You can use astrology in choosing what type of meditation might work best for you.

Aries — Compassion Meditation

Increasing compassion will help get rid of frustration and aggression you may impulsively feel. 

Taurus — Change Meditation

If you often struggle with unexpected changes or inconsistencies, change meditation will help look at new situations and experiences positively.

Gemini — Engaging Your Senses Meditation

Slowing down will help you focus on your physical and mental state. This kind of meditation can alleviate sadness and help you be present by settling your nerves.

Leo — Great Compassion Meditation

There can be moments when you are arrogant and irrational. This kind of meditation will help you focus on positivity and the love for others while removing insecurities that bring out your arrogance.

Cancer — Body Scan Meditation

You may be compassionate towards others but negative towards yourself. This meditation will settle any fearful or depressing thoughts and establishes contentment to resolve emotional issues.

Virgo — Joy Meditation

You have the tendency to be too critical to everyone even with yourself. This kind of meditation will instill positive thoughts and feelings to put you in the right state of mind.

Libra — Relax, Grounded and Clear Meditation

You can be gracious and social but deep down you have insecurity just like everyone else. This kind of meditation will help you reduce all the fears and worries.

Scorpio — Gratitude Meditation

Your weakness is distrust and envy towards others.This kind of meditation will help you get rid of any judgement you manage to hurl towards others.

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